Simi Valley/Reagan Library

By on December 13, 2015

We traveled to an RV Park in Santa Paula to be near Simi Valley and to establish an address so our friend, Dick, a former neighbor at Viewpoint, could join us for a visit to the Reagan Library.

As we were getting situated in the very small RV Park, Don turned a corner to tight and snagged the bumper of a pickup truck parked on the corner, cutting a gouge in three of the bin doors on the coach along with some other scratches.

We were also experiencing problems with our Inverter, which manages the electrical systems in the coach, and planned to have those issues dealt with in that area.

Gabe, our RV repair guy, took the bin doors off the coach and to his shop so they could be repaired and repainted and began working on correcting the electrical problems in the coach. This took several weeks; will return to this subject later.

Dick arrived in time for a fun dinner and we visited Simi Valley the following day and toured the Reagan Library. We enjoyed the Library very much. The setting is beautiful and the exhibits are excellent. Even the suit he was wearing when he was shot – complete with bullet hole – was on display.

The Air Force One plane he used is there in a special hangar as it is so huge. We walked through the plane. I always enjoy the First Lady’s clothes and they had a number of Mrs. Reagan’s on display.

We had lunch in Simi Valley (which is the name of the town, not an area, as I thought) and toured the town. It is a beautiful area.

The next day, Dick drove as we toured Malibu and Decker Canyon Drive. We had intended to tour Mulholland Drive which is much more known for its celebrity residents, but missed the turn so took the next road which was Decker Canyon.

This is how Wikipedia describes the drive we took:

“Route 23 consists of three distinct sections. The southern section begins as Decker Canyon Road near Trancas in Malibu, where Route 23 intersects with the Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1), or “PCH.” This portion provides numerous beautiful vistas of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean during daytime, but extreme caution is advisable, especially as the road nears PCH. It is a notoriously dangerous road, and the rusted chassis of cars that have gone over the side can still be seen. Philip Taylor Kramer, bassist with the rock band Iron Butterfly from 1974-1977, allegedly committed suicide by driving his van over the side along this route.”

This was an exciting drive from beginning to end. Dick and I enjoyed it more than Don who was in the back seat, hiding his eyes, so he did not have to look over the edge. Traveling that dangerous road up a very steep terrain reminded me of the terrible fires they have that we see on TV and how people lose their homes because of the thick underbrush and because it is so difficult to get to them to put out the fires. We did see a small fire station near the top of the mountain. I cannot imagine driving that road on a daily basis.

Malibu was so beautiful, Don and I returned for a closer look. We visited the Farmers’ Market and drove around the Pepperdine campus. What a beautiful place that is; very interesting layout, different from any campus we have seen. There were numerous “Deer Crossing” signs around and we did see deer in several places.

We visited a number of other places in the area while we waiting for the coach to be fixed. One of the most beautiful, in fact, it is called the most beautiful city in the US, Santa Barbara. Driving around that city’s coast line, through its neighborhoods and the downtown was a real treat. It truly is a beautiful city.

We visited the beautiful little town of Ojai (pronounced O Hi) where a film festival was going on. We enjoyed chatting with some of the locals as we learned about this small town with so much going for it; very artsy.

On the way to Ojai, we stopped by St. Thomas Aquinas College for a quick tour of that campus. Very different, in the mountains location.

When the coach was ready to have its bin doors reattached, and have the other scratches buffed out, we moved into the Embassy Suites in Oxnard for three days. Oxnard/Ventura/Channel Islands and Port Heuneme all connect along the coast and they are delightful places to visit.

Leaving that area, we took our newly painted RV to an RV Park in Ventura for several days. Our location, so typical of that area, had the ocean on one side along with a railroad and major highway, and on the other side was a huge expanse of farm land extending to the edge of the mountains. Each morning, we walked along a path with a view of the ocean.

It seems that all hummingbirds in the US have migrated to Southern California for the winter; they are everywhere. You can’t blame them as the shrubs, flowers and trees are so beautiful.

By the time we were ready to leave the California coast, it was Thanksgiving week. We wanted to go to Yorba Linda to visit the Nixon Library, but there was no room at any nearby RV Parks so we decided to change our plans. Instead of going south to Yorba Linda, we would go east to the desert which we also wanted to visit.

After we visit the desert we will go back to visit the Nixon Library then head over to Arizona. So we are off the Palm Springs for Thanksgiving in the desert…we are thinking Chinese Take Out under a Palm Tree.



Reagan Library Drive

Reagan Library Drive

Reagan Library Entrance

Reagan Library Entrance

Malibu Farmers' Market

Malibu Farmers’ Market


Pepperdine Campus

Pepperdine Campus

Pepperdine Deer

Pepperdine Deer

Santa Barbara 1

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara 2

Santa Barbara residence


Ojai Post Office

Ojai Post Office


Ojai View from the Street

Aquinas College

St. Thomas Aquinas College

Channel Island

Channel Island


Ventura Harbor 2

Ventura Harbor


Ventura Surfing

Our Walking Path

Our Walking Path

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Irrigated Farm Land


  1. Jordancity
    December 16, 2015

    Wow, you guys packed in lots of activities on this leg. All of it seems so interesting, and it is truly beautiful. I love that you visit the presidential libraries. I’ve only been to Jimmy Carter’s (with Peg, in fact!) and found it really interesting. Happy trails as you embark on the next leg!

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