About Don & Peggy

Don and Peggy have long looked for the opportunity to finally “hang’em up and hit the road”. They are both semi-retiring from their paid jobs and have replaced themselves in their many volunteer roles,​ and will begin living their dream.

Don has spent many years as a health care professional which he will continue as they tour the country. His volunteering in a number of neighborhood organizations, particularly in public safety, will cease for the duration of RV living.

Peggy, who also spent a number of years in the he​a​lth care industry, finished up her work life as Executive Director of Keep Atlanta Beautiful and will continue to play a minor role with that organization for a while on the road. Public Safety and neighborhood advocacy were Peggy’s volunteer passions and can be expected to resurface once she is back living in “stix and bricks.”

With no previous knowledge of full timing​,​ or being on the road, Don and Peggy did lots of research but have much to learn and are taking off with some amount of excitement, fear and trepidation!


  1. alexmccray
    August 18, 2014

    Congrats! When you swing down to Texas be sure to stop by and visit. Come during rodeo season in Feb/Mar…it’s a blast!

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