A Fond Farewell

By on January 4, 2018

Leaving Utah, we drove through the beautiful state of Colorado.  We had been in Colorado before, but this time in a different part which was breathtakingly beautiful.  We drove through Garfield and Mesa Counties enjoying the landscape that was different from Utah, but just as “other worldly.” Rifle, CO was particularly beautiful.

We drove through Vail and Glenwood Springs, saw a little bit of Denver, then on to Golden, home of the Colorado School of Mines.

Going through Indiana, we stopped at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a quick visit – see video below, Sports Car Club of America qualifying event.

Got a quick pic of the State Capitol of West Virginia as we whizzed by.

We were on a tight schedule as we had to be in Charlottesville, Virginia, by October 6 for the wedding of the oldest grandchild, Tyler, 25 years old, and who was getting married to his beautiful high school sweetheart, Sarah.  (Pic below) We did not want to miss that.

This essentially ends our road trip. We are back on the East coast and in Charlottesville, which will be our new home after a winter retreat in Florida to avoid the cold weather.

We have already begun our next project, working with the folks in my home village of Esmont, VA, 20 miles south of Charlottesville, to revitalize the village.  You can follow us on that project at www.FriendsofEsmont.com

The next post on this website will be the Sales Ad for our RV.  We lived in the coach for almost four years and it was the trip of a life time.  But all good things must end, and we are ready for our next life.

For the record, some stats: 

Left Atlanta July 8, 2014

Arrived in Charlottesville, VA, our new home, March 12, 22018 (44 months on the road)

Miles on the coach since the beginning of the trip:  45,000

Miles on the toad since the beginning of the trip (towed miles not included):  61,000

Crossed the US 2 times, east & west, and 2 times north & south

States visited:  47, missed Oklahoma, Iowa and Hawaii (coach does not float)

Visited 5 of the 10 Canadian Provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, and 1 of 3 territories: Yukon

Presidential Libraries Visited:  12 of the 13 official ones (missed Hoover’s in Iowa) however, went to Lincoln’s and Wilson’s – not on the official list.

Number of RV Parks visited – 316 (1.7 parks/week!)

For Sale Sign placed in the RV – January 2, 2018!

And in closing:

People have asked, “what was your favorite place you visited?”  We cannot answer that question because there was such a wide variety in the places we visited that they cannot be compared.  We were in the deserts, mountains, sea shores, big cities, small towns, etc.  We saw a lot of Canada as well as the US.  We can say for sure that this is a great, big, beautiful, place we live in.  Some of the most beautiful scenes were in British Columbia, Canada, however, we lean toward Alaska, particularly the Kenai Peninsula, as our favorite.

We totally enjoyed our ride and heartily recommend that anyone who can do what we did, should certainly do it.  You will not regret it!

Garfield & Mesa 1

Garfield & Mesa 2

Garfield & Mesa 3

Garfield & Mesa 4


Rifle, CO

Vail 1

Vail 2

Golden 1


Golden 2

Golden 3

CO School of Mines

School of Mines


Welcome to Colorado


State Capitol of WVA

The Wedding 1


The Wedding 2

Indianapolis Speedway

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